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OykThe area is of international importance for bird life, rare plants and its vast array of different habitats which provide homes for many animals. It also boasts a variety of landscapes including sand dunes, salt marsh, raised mires sand and mud flats and a wealth of rich agricultural land.

The Smugglers Route guide is available from the Solway Coast Discovery Centre.

Tel. 016973 31944

Suggested Day Plan

The Smugglers RouteThe Smugglers Route can be completed in three days (if you are keen and wish to get up bright and early). If not then you could spend up to five days exploring the area and visiting sites of interest. Really the decision is yours and who are we to tell you how long to spend on holiday?

The following is a simple Four Day Plan which will allow you to visit some local sites of interest on your way:

  1. Arrive in Maryport. Visit the Aquaria, Maritime Museum and Steamships Museum. Spend an evening in the town partying the night away or simply enjoying one of the solway's spectacular sunsets. Distance Travelled: Very little really!
  2. Off you go! Visit the Roman Museum, Crosscanonby Carr, Crosscanonby Church and Crosscanonby Salt Pans before stopping for the night in Allonby. Distance Travelled: Approx 7-8 Miles.
  3. Set off from Allonby and take either a leisurely walk inland to Aspatria or a longer walk to Mealsgate, Distance Travelled: 9 Miles (to Mealsgate)
  4. The wind-swept day! From Mealsgate move across country into the wilds, stopping at one or two nice spots along the way. Upon arrival in Ireby it is your decision whether to stay there the night or to make your way back to Mealsgate and the bus routes which can take you home! Distance Travelled: Approx 10 miles

In addition to this programme there is a seven day option. Day five would involve you arriving home and complaining at everybody that you've got sore feet. Days six and seven are the ones where you forget about emptying your rucksack in order to discover it (smelling rather nasty) some weeks later.

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