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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you recognise a distressed or disturbed bird?

  • They will make a loud repeated alarm call – if they don’t sound happy, it means they’re not
  • Some birds may dive bomb you as an obvious sign that they feel threatened by your presence
  • They may fake an injury in the hope you will follow them away from the nest

What should you do?  

  • Keep dogs and birds apart and never allow your dog to chase the birds – keep it on a lead if you have to
  • Take a wide route around birds that appear distressed. Move away quickly and quietly – even if that means you are going back the way you have come

Four-Legged Visitors

Planning to bring your dog or horse to the Solway Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty?

They are more than welcome to come and discover this area with you and there are some great walks and rides they will love.

Please keep your dogs on the lead around livestock and near the bird feeding and nesting sites.

Dogs should be on a two-metre lead between 1 March and 31 July to protect our feathered friends.

During the breeding season, birds nest on the beach above the high water mark so please try not to disturb them as you walk or ride. They are at their most vulnerable when sitting on eggs. Stick to existing paths and tracks whenever possible, or walk below the high tide line if it’s safe to do so.


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Where can I park my horsebox?

There are three easy spots where you can access the beaches. Please be respectful of other users and be aware that the car parks can get full. Allonby – large car parks to the south and north of the village Mawbray – limited car park space at Mawbray Banks, south and central Silloth West Beach – large car park next to the harbour Alternatively, you could explore the network of bridleways and roads around the Solway Coast. Cumbria County Council has a map which shows all the public rights of way and an explanation about who is allowed to use which routes. The British Horse Society also has some good tips about where you are OK to ride.