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Map of the Solway Coast AONB Area

The Farming in Protected Landscapes programme is open to all farmers and land managers (including from the private, public and charity sector) in a National Park, AONB or the Norfolk Broads – or where activity on the ground can bring benefit to one or more of those areas.

You must manage all the land included in the application, and have control of all the activities you’d like to undertake, or you must have written consent from all parties who have this management and control.

Other organisations and individuals can apply, as long as they do this in collaboration with a farmer or land manager, or in support of a farmer or group of farmers.

Common land is eligible for support through the Programme. You can apply as a landowner with sole rights, or as a group, such as a grazing marsh committee, acting together.

The programme supports activity on any land within the Solway Coast AONB. It can also support activity outside the AONB on other land where projects can demonstrate benefit to the AONB, or the AONB’s objectives or partnership initiatives. Most of the funding will probably be provided to projects within the AONB boundary.

You can see the boundary by visiting the MAGIC mapping website.  Click on ‘designations’, ‘land-based designations,’ ‘statutory’ and then ‘Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (England).’ You can then navigate and zoom to field level.

Page 3-4 of the Guidance to Applicants contains further details on who can apply.